Crochet Wedding Blanket

I’ve started work on another crochet wedding blanket for a wedding in June and I am beginning to panic about it so I need some honest opinions! I am worrying that the colours I have chosen are going to be too garish. I’ve picked bring sunny colours for a couple of reasons, the bride and groom are bright, sunny people so I thought it would be nice to try and incorporate their personalities in the blanket. I also selcted the red and yellow for luck and fortune (in Chinese culture, they are traditional wedding colours) and the orange to incorporate the groom’s favourite football team. Looking at all the balls of wool together I thought they were a lovely warm, bright combination;

20130209_123421However, as I started to crochet I began to worry that they were looking a bit garish and mad, what do you think?



20130209_123511 20130209_123515I’ve just powered on for the moment and the blanket is getting bigger, I’ve mixed up the squares so some are plain, like the orange above and some are mixed. All squares have a pale yellow border which I was hoping would bring the design together a bit. I was wondering if a plain one colour border around the whole blanket would maybe tie it all together? I need some help here!


New Designs

I’ve loved making crochet collars recently and I’m proud to have them onsale in my Etsy shop. However, I have been feeling the need to change up the design a wee bit. Last night I spent a bit of time playing about with some wool and my hook and this is what I came up with. What do you think?


Craft Marathon Task 2: Sunshine Yellow

What a great theme for a dreary Scottish winter! It’s brightened my week up no end. I think we all need a bit of sunshine in February!

I decided to do something I’d never done before for this challenge (as I did for task one too). Maybe next week I’ll try something I’ve already tried before! Anyway, for this challenge I decided to use a spare yellow tape measure I had lying around. I’ve been meaning to make a bookmark for ages so it all worked together to make these 3 bookmarks. They are folded fibre glass tape measures hot glued to bookmark paper clips. I hope they stay folded!

I’m so enjoying this craft marathon. It’s great to be pushed outside my comfort zone and work to a theme each week. I’ve enjoyed using new materials and trying new things. I hope the next theme offers a similar level of challenge!


By the way you can see all of the submissions to the craft marathon on the flickr group. Pop by and see some absolutely brilliant creations.

Craft Marathon Task 1: Apple Green

20120211-153055.jpgSo I have completed my first task on the craft marathon craft marathon. I decided on using polymer clay to make flower shaped beads for a bracelet. I painted each flower bead green and then added yellow painted beads to break up the design a bit. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome as I’ve never tried making polymer clay beads before or made a bracelet. I’m looking forward to trying this again.