Take a Look Tuesday

Just a quick one for today but I wanted to share this photographer with you all. Rachel Keenan is a young photographer based in Glasgow and her pictures are absolutely stunning. Please check her out here.

Take A Look Tuesday

This week I’m recommending an all round great website called Glasgow PodcArt. This website celebrates all of the creative industries. However their main focus is the local music scene. What I have been loving about this site this week is the shop local at Christmas campaign they have been supporting. This is something you may have seen doing the rounds on social media but essentially it is a campaign to encourage people to buy their Christmas gifts from local businesses and sole traders online rather than the massive global companies it’s all so easy to buy form. The idea is that if we buy from small traders everyone will have a great Christmas this year.


Sunday Sounds

As I am currently camera-less I can’t share any pictures of the lovely things I have been making for my very first craft fair. Fingers crossed everything will be fixed so I can share my makes with you next week. In the mean time here’s a song that has been keping me motivated today. This band are absolutely fantstic, they have such beautiful harmonies and are a real treat to see live so try to catch them if you can. They are called The See See and are London based but tour a lot.



Pinterest Picks #4

So this week I’ve been starting to think about what I’m going to make for people for Christmas and how best to present it, I guess that’s influenced this weeks Pinterest Picks. 


First up is this beautiful wrapping, I love music and so do my friends so I think this could be a great way to wrap this years presents!


Pinned Image


Next up, I’ve been making lots of tree decorations and I though that they could double as gift tags, this selection could be used for either and are very sweet! 

Pinned Image


Another great use of my tree ornaments could be this lovely chain. 

Clay ornaments chain.