Crochet Jar Cosy Tutorial

I’ve been loving the crochet jar cosies around at the minute so I had a bash at making my own. I love the patterns they create on the walls when they are light with a tealight.

My design is simple, based on chain stitches and is a great way to use up leftover bits of yarn. I’ve put my pattern below so please feel free to use it.














Jar Cosy Pattern:

This pattern is for personal use only. Please feel free to make your these cosies for yourselves or gifts but please don’t use the pattern to make and sell cosies.


Yarn and an appropriate sized hook.

Clean Jar

Tealight (optional)


Abbreviations (UK terms)

Chain Stitch= ch

Double Crochet= dc

Slip Stitch= sl st



Foundation Row: ch enough to fit snugly around the neck of your jar, sl st to create a ring

Row 1: Ch 2(1st dc), dc into every stitch on ring, sl st

Row 2: *Ch 3 skip 2 dcand sl st into 3rd dc* repeat ** until end of row sl st

Row 3: *Ch 3 sl st into 2nd ch of loop* repeat ** until end of row sl st

Continue as row 3 until the cosy is long enough to fit snugly over your jar (it should stretch a bit to allow the light through).


I hope this pattern makes sense as it is the first pattern I have written. Please let me know if there are any unclear parts/mistakes.

Let me see your pictures if you do make up this pattern!