Pinterest Picks #6

Here are some things I’ve been falling in love with on Pinterest this week, oh to be a millionaire!


First up, who doesn’t love Orla Kiely? I am no exception to this and I am so in love with her prints, designs and clothes. This week I began a fairly strong love affair with this sweet jumper. I love the colours and style, just not the price tag.

Pointelle Detail Sweater Slate


Next I have to share another Beatles print. I love the iconic image and great use of colour in this.



Finally another thing to add to the never ending “To Make” list

Crochet Irish Rose Afghan


Pinterest Picks #3

So here we have my week 3 picks, man I love this website!


First up is this great little milk jug. It has just the right balance of purpose and design aesthetics for me.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

How about this stunning paper art? I love it! It has real echoes of Jim Lambie.

Pinned Image


I love the style of these photographs. The filter makes everything look dreamlike and fantastical.

Finally, this charming wee shoe advert.

Pinned Image




WIP Wednesday.

I have many works in progress at the minute, though the one I am most desperate to finish but can’t seem to find time for is the new flat blanket. The Love and I are currently flat hunting and I really want to have a big cosy blanket for our bed when we do find somewhere. I’m a big fan of granny squares but didn’t want the blanket to be too girly, so I decided on big plain squares in blue or green bordered in cream.  So far I’m 8 squares into the design.


Eventually I want the blanket to be really quite big- certainly big enough to comfortably cover a double bed. Hopefully I get it done before we move (though that does depend on us picking somewhere!)

I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

Bad Blogger!

I’ve been a bad blogger of late. Work has been so busy I’ve felt guilty every time I’ve sat down to do something other than marking or planning or preparing. Finally, (hopefully) things are calming down. In the time I was too busy to craft I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do and have a notebook filled with drawings and lists. Now I have the time, I’ve done the sensible thing and started all of them! Obviously this wasn’t my best plan as I now have living room filled with half finished projects so I’ve had to prioritise them a bit. A looming wedding deadline has meant that the gift for that and the dress I need to make for the day have topped the list. All will be revealed about the gift soon but I don’t want to spoil the surprise on the off-chance the bride might see this. After that I have a crochet blanket to make for my mother who is going for an operation in June. I wanted her to have something cosy and comfy to snuggle up in while she recovers. After that I can get cracking on the half finished skirts, trousers, polymer clay brooches and dresses I’ve promised to make for people of late.

Apologies for this boring post. The next on will be filled with lovely pictures of finished crafts, well that’s the plan anyway!