Versatile Blogger Award


Before Christmas I was given this award by Jennifer Ross at Winter Owls. I was so honoured that somebody had taken the time to give me this, I feel new and inexperienced in blogging and this was a real confidence booster. Unfortunately, in the Christmas madness I never actually followed it up so I am taking the time now.
There are a few rules that go along with the award:

1.  Display the award certificate on your website.
2.  Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.
3.  Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.  Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
4.  Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.


I have so far managed 1&2, number 3 will happen throughout the year as I want to take time to read and appreciate a range of blogs before I nominate my 15. I will update here whenever I add a new blog.

And finally here is number 4, I’m not sure I have 7 interesting facts but here are 7 facts (interesting or otherwise) about me.

1- I have been a DJ and club promoter for nearly 9 years now. My friend and I have worked together to build our reputation and we now DJ throughout the UK and across Europe. We play 1960s psychedelic music on original 45s.

2- I work in music education and love to watch students grow and develop in their time with us.

3- I am looking to buy my first flat with my boyfriend, though living in Edinburgh this is not an easy task.

4- I love to exercise, in particular I love cycling, spinning and yoga.

5- I love to cook, a trait that runs through my whole family- we’re food daft!

6- I could spend hours rummaging around charity shops but only if I’m on my own. I don’t shop well in a group.

7- I’ve lost days and sustained several injuries to crochet. Who says it’s for old ladies?
15 Versatile Bloggers:

This will be updated throughout the year.