Vintage Pattern Month- Part 1

I have finally come in from the lovely weather and made a start of my vintage pattern this month. I was going to pick this one but when I went to look for it in my pattern folder I stumbled across this beauty and decided it would make a great summer frock…


I’m going for option C with the skirt length of option A. I am also going to use bias binding at the neck and arms instead of facings. Mainly because I am in love with my bias binding maker and I want any excuse to use it. 

Choosing a fabric wasn’t easy but I settled on this lovely cotton I got in the John Lewis sale. 




with that chosen I ironed out my pattern pieces and fabric and got started cutting and marking everything. 



12 thoughts on “Vintage Pattern Month- Part 1

      • I can’t wait to see how your finished dress looks. Thanks for following my blog Sarah. I love Scotland and am looking forward to reading more and seeing your photos of your beautiful country. I was there about 6 years ago and it left a lasting impression on me. 🙂

      • Thank you very much. I have some photos from a recent bike ride over the Forth so I’ll get them loaded up for you to see ASAP.

        I’m glad you enjoyed Scotland so much and I hope you’ll be able to come back and visit again.

      • We are coming back to Scotland for sure. We did a ten day round trip from Glasgow up to Thurso and back to Edinburgh. Glad it was summer as we got to travel and see things at nighttime, My ancestors lived in Reay back in the 1870’s and I hail from the clan Mackay, so Scotland is in my blood. I will love seeing your photos of your bike ride. 🙂

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