Crochet Wedding Blanket

I’ve started work on another crochet wedding blanket for a wedding in June and I am beginning to panic about it so I need some honest opinions! I am worrying that the colours I have chosen are going to be too garish. I’ve picked bring sunny colours for a couple of reasons, the bride and groom are bright, sunny people so I thought it would be nice to try and incorporate their personalities in the blanket. I also selcted the red and yellow for luck and fortune (in Chinese culture, they are traditional wedding colours) and the orange to incorporate the groom’s favourite football team. Looking at all the balls of wool together I thought they were a lovely warm, bright combination;

20130209_123421However, as I started to crochet I began to worry that they were looking a bit garish and mad, what do you think?



20130209_123511 20130209_123515I’ve just powered on for the moment and the blanket is getting bigger, I’ve mixed up the squares so some are plain, like the orange above and some are mixed. All squares have a pale yellow border which I was hoping would bring the design together a bit. I was wondering if a plain one colour border around the whole blanket would maybe tie it all together? I need some help here!


9 thoughts on “Crochet Wedding Blanket

  1. It’s hard to say what someone else will and won’t like, but I think it is WONDERFUL and I would be honoured to be given something like that as a gift. I think, once they know what the colours represent in your choice, they will be over the moon.

  2. I think that is a wonderful gift! Maybe you could try some plain granny squares to mix up your colors a little bit? However, I like the way you have made the blanket and think the colors are beautiful.

  3. I think they all go together well. It is amazing how much thought you put into it, and not to be cliche, but all the thought behind is basically a guarantee that they will love it. I agree that it is hard to say what one will like, but the fact that you tied in their personalities, their interests, and the event with some luck for their future is incredible. I think switching up the squares as you are doing will definitely keep it from looking too garish. I also think the keeping the yellow constant as the border of each square will bring it all together. I say keep going! 😀

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