Pinterest Pics #1

In an attempt to have some semi regular commentary I’ve decided to make Mondays my Pinterest Pics Day. I spend an obscene amount of time on this website and it seems only right that I encourage others to do the same.

Every Monday I will list some of my favourite things on Pinterest. Here are today’s selection;

First up is this great selection of Jim Lambie interiors. I love the colours he uses and the shapes he creates.

Pinned Image

Next is this heart stopping picture of Felix Baumgartner about to leap out of his balloon pod yesterday. Like many I was glued to this jump. It was terrifying for me so I dread to think how his family felt watching it, never mind how he felt stepping off that platform. What an unbelievable view though.


Thirdly, is this beautiful image of a hand with The Beatles, ‘Hello, Goodbye’ lyrics. I love the song to begin with and I’m an absolute sucker for typography like this.

Pinned Image

Now, I am terrible at keeping a diary- I manage it for a few weeks then forget about it. I wish with all my heart that I could create something like this and keep it up!

One week in my current journal.

This is just a beautiful picture

Lovely in every way

So there we have it…week 1 on my Pinterest Pics.



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