Take A Look Tuesday

Here are a couple of things I think people should be checking out this week. It’s been so lovely to think about what I want to share with people each week.

First up is Aero Leather Clothing. Aero design and make leather jackets of unbelievable quality. This is a fantastic family company and they are all incredibly passionate about the jackets that they produce. You can also source a great selection of Levis, Wrangler, vintage and military goods. If you’re interested in these jackets you are in good company, they are favoured by many a discerning celebrity, including BRMC, Jack White and Mr Bond himself- Daniel Craig

Sticking with the vintage theme I have a lovely blog, We Heart Vintage. This blog is overflowing with beautiful vintage pictures and is regularly updated with new ones.  Halloween vintage pinup girl Lillian Wells

Pinterest Picks #3

So here we have my week 3 picks, man I love this website!


First up is this great little milk jug. It has just the right balance of purpose and design aesthetics for me.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

How about this stunning paper art? I love it! It has real echoes of Jim Lambie.

Pinned Image


I love the style of these photographs. The filter makes everything look dreamlike and fantastical.

Finally, this charming wee shoe advert.

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Scotland…You are Stunning!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be taken away through Scotland by Campbell. He booked us a hotel in Aviemore and I have had such a lovely time. It was great to have a weekend away with Campbell but also to see some more of this beautiful country I am lucky enough to live in. I anyone is interested here are a couple of snaps from our trip, I’m sure you will agree Scotland has surpassed itself!

New Designs

I’ve loved making crochet collars recently and I’m proud to have them onsale in my Etsy shop. However, I have been feeling the need to change up the design a wee bit. Last night I spent a bit of time playing about with some wool and my hook and this is what I came up with. What do you think?


Take A Look Tuesday

Today I want to show you some of my favourite Edinburgh things.

First up is Edinburgh vintage institution, Armstrongs. This is a goldmine of vintage fashion throughout the years. They have rails upon rails of beautiful items for women and a great men’s section (something lacking in a lot of vintage shops). If you can’t make it to Edinburgh they do sell online.

Armstrongs Vintage

Next up is The Roseleaf. This is a fantastic bar which serves great food and best of all, a great selection of cocktails all served in vintage teacups and teapots.

Finally, an Edinburgh blog I’ve been flicking through a lot is Edinburgh Cycle Chic. I love cycling around Edinburgh, it’s such a beautiful city an a great way to see it is on your bike, it has a fantastic cycle network and the roadways are slowly getting better and safer.

I’ll never make it onto the pages of this blog as generally speaking I look extremely un-chic on my bike(huffing and puffing up the hills), but the people on this blog make cycling around hilly Edinburgh look effortless! One day I hope to look the same. Another lovely thing about this blog is it captures some of Edinburgh’s best features.

Pinterest Picks #2

So I’ve made it to week 2! Here are some of my favourite pinteresting things from last week.

First up this week we have this lovely poster featuring lomography cameras. Cameras are beautiful objects and I love to see them displayed like this.


I’ve tried my hand at embroidery once or twice and it’s always ended up a bit of a mess so I am utterly astounded when I see beautiful pieces like this, when I think of how much effort has gone into it I am in awe.


This is a gorgeous use of embroidery hoops and felt. It’s given me so many great ideas too!

Pinned Image


Hmmm…there seems to have been some colour coordination this week, they all look so lovely together!


I don’t know what it is about toadstools but I just love them. Maybe it’s the vibrant colours or maybe it’s the slightly magical, fairytale connotations. I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with them anyway.

Last year I made a toadstool brooch for myself and I have had so many lovely comments from people about it. I decided to make a few more, and have put them onto my Etsy site. Let me know what you think. Xx