Further to the last post, I have been working away on my gifts for my friends’ wedding. I have procrastinated a lot not made great progress. So far I have a 1/4 finished blanket and a few ideas for the card.  This is what I want to write about today. I’ve had a few ideas of card designs and I need some opinions on them! The couple are very into music and vintage design (in particular, that of the 1960s). So these are the ideas I have had for images to put on the card. Both are drawn using Stabilo point 88 fineliners.

Idea 1 is a picture of the couple. I’ve done it in green here but really it could be any colour.


The other option was a more abstract psychedelic image with just the date of the wedding and their names. My main issue with this is does it look more like a doodle than a wedding gift/card?

This is unfinished but you get the picture (boom boom!).

If either of these images were usable I’d mount them on a white card.

HELP! I’ve spent so long looking at these drawings that I can’t tell if they are usable or not. My bf  is far too polite to say anything is wrong with them so I need some honest opinions, are either usable or should I quit this and buy a card. I can’t spend too much more time on the card as the blanket is so far from finished!


5 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. I think the psychedelic one would look good gently tinted with watercolours. It would make it look like a truly psychedelic and very Pucci-esque!
    I think you should give both, mounted and framed up in identical frames. They the happy couple can display one or both, depending on which they like best!

    • Thanks a good idea, thank you! I think I will give them both. I will frame the psychedelic one and mount the portrait on their card. They can then frame that too if they want to. I love the idea of adding colour to the psychedelic one but I’m not overly confident with watercolours, I’ll maybe experiment on some other drawings I have and see how well I get on before going for the wedding drawing.

  2. I love the portrait one and think it’s a great idea for a wedding card. I’m trying to think of one myself but sadly I’m not as good at drawing. I know I’d be chuffed to receive it!

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