I’ve been enjoying drawing more and more recently. It’s never been a skill that comes naturally to me but I can manage simple designs. Its the love’s birthday this weekend and I wanted to give him something handmade which wasn’t too girly so I decided to draw his card in his favourite football team’s colour. I wanted to stay away from my favourite things to draw (flowers, trees etc) as they are pretty feminine but I was keen that it should reflect my style so here it is. I hope he likes it!



The Yarn Cake

I was in Glasgow over the weekend, participating in a 10km race for charity and seeing the love. We decided to go for a walk on Saturday and as I was desperate to get some more wool for the dreaded wedding gift we “wandered” to a lovely shop called The Yarn Cake. It’s a small shop on Queen Margaret Drive in the West End of the city. They have a gorgeous collection of yarns and the lovely ladies in the shop were so friendly. We stopped for a cup of tea and resisted a cake (I doubt I’ll have the same will power next time!).  Sitting in the lovely sunny window I could have spent hours just flicking through craft magazines and sipping Earl Grey, the love had other ideas.


Further to the last post, I have been working away on my gifts for my friends’ wedding. I have procrastinated a lot not made great progress. So far I have a 1/4 finished blanket and a few ideas for the card.  This is what I want to write about today. I’ve had a few ideas of card designs and I need some opinions on them! The couple are very into music and vintage design (in particular, that of the 1960s). So these are the ideas I have had for images to put on the card. Both are drawn using Stabilo point 88 fineliners.

Idea 1 is a picture of the couple. I’ve done it in green here but really it could be any colour.


The other option was a more abstract psychedelic image with just the date of the wedding and their names. My main issue with this is does it look more like a doodle than a wedding gift/card?

This is unfinished but you get the picture (boom boom!).

If either of these images were usable I’d mount them on a white card.

HELP! I’ve spent so long looking at these drawings that I can’t tell if they are usable or not. My bf  is far too polite to say anything is wrong with them so I need some honest opinions, are either usable or should I quit this and buy a card. I can’t spend too much more time on the card as the blanket is so far from finished!

Bad Blogger!

I’ve been a bad blogger of late. Work has been so busy I’ve felt guilty every time I’ve sat down to do something other than marking or planning or preparing. Finally, (hopefully) things are calming down. In the time I was too busy to craft I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do and have a notebook filled with drawings and lists. Now I have the time, I’ve done the sensible thing and started all of them! Obviously this wasn’t my best plan as I now have living room filled with half finished projects so I’ve had to prioritise them a bit. A looming wedding deadline has meant that the gift for that and the dress I need to make for the day have topped the list. All will be revealed about the gift soon but I don’t want to spoil the surprise on the off-chance the bride might see this. After that I have a crochet blanket to make for my mother who is going for an operation in June. I wanted her to have something cosy and comfy to snuggle up in while she recovers. After that I can get cracking on the half finished skirts, trousers, polymer clay brooches and dresses I’ve promised to make for people of late.

Apologies for this boring post. The next on will be filled with lovely pictures of finished crafts, well that’s the plan anyway!