Craft Marathon Task 3: Eggplant Purple

This week I decided to use some materials I am familiar with to do a project I haven’t done before. So, using calico and felt I designed and made a notebook. I “liberated” some paper from work. Folded and stitched a spine into it. I then used the cover of an old magazine to create the outside of the notebook. I then covered this with unbleached calico and glued the edges down. Then came the design. I had a template of a bird that I’d used previously. I cut this out in purple felt and added the orange eye and wing details. I was going to leave it at this but the bird looked a bit lonely so I decided to add a wee branch for the bird to sit on.

This new skill will be great for feeding my stationary habit!





2 thoughts on “Craft Marathon Task 3: Eggplant Purple

  1. Have you ever made a holiday stocking out of felt? I made a bunch one year and used bright embroidery thread to stitch the pieces on. I started with a kit, then designed several on my own for family members with themes that matched their personalities.

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