Vintage Sewing.

I have a box filled with vintage sewing patterns that I’ve been too scared to use/cut up. I recently decided that this was a silly attitude as they were made to be used and I loved the designs so what was the point in keeping them boxed up and unused. So, with that in mind I embarked upon making this pattern.

I thought that the simplicity of this pattern would help me to ease into using my vintage patterns. I decided to make the short sleeved version, skipping the pockets ( I don’t need any more encouragement to carry more junk around with me!). I also decided on a self coloured collar. My choice of fabric was this great V&A one. I thought the stiffness of the cotton would really lend itself well to this pattern.

So, as an easy pattern I figured I’d get this finished in an afternoon, which I did. However, I ran into problems with the sleeves, which nearly lead to a sleeveless dress. They were unbelievably fiddly and still don’t quite sit as I’d like them, though that’ll be a change for another day. Other than that the pattern was a pleasure to complete and I got a fantastic sense of achievement when I finished. So here is the finished product, I’m a so pleased with it and get the impression I’m going to wear it to death.  Now to tackle the rest of the box!


8 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing.

  1. GOOD JOB!!! How experienced of a sewer are you? (Just curious 🙂 )

    I just bought a whole bunch of patterns and I really want to make 2 of my Lissette patterns, I am SCARED! Not just scared but SKURD! I haven’t sewn clothing yet.

    • Thank you! I have been sewing casually for years, my mum had me and my sister sewing young but I’ve not sewn much for years. I say give it a go! Buy some cheap fabric first until you get more comfortable but go for it. I find sewing clothing patterns easier than anything else as the instructions are usually pretty comprehensive. Let me know how you get on! I’d love to see what you made.

  2. Oh thank you I have that exact pattern in my stash and have been wondering what it would look like made up. You have made a terrific job of it and I may get my own pattern out and have a bash.

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