Craft and Sewing Magazines

I thought I’d take a little time and tell you about some of my favourite craft and sewing magazines. I’ve tried lots of different magazines and liked some more than others. The ones I particularly liked were Making Magazine and Mollie Makes. Both of these magazines jumped off the shelf at me before I had even had a chance to look at the contents. Their design is modern and fresh and exciting and is something I had struggled to find in a lot of traditional sewing and crafting magazines you can buy off the shelf.

Both magazines have a great selection of articles covering sewing, embroidery, crochet, DIY, cooking and so much more. They also introduce us to new designers, makers and crafters with something to say. These magazines have offered me so much inspiration, not only in the projects they suggest, but in their layout, colour ways and ethos. I urge you, if you haven’t picked one of these magazines up yet please do so. They are a treat!



2 thoughts on “Craft and Sewing Magazines

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the craft magazines. To be honest I have never used a magazine for inspiration – tending to stick with pattern books from my sewing shop. But I think I should give these ones you mention a go – sounds like I will get a lot out of them

    • I know what you mean. Generally I’ve found craft and sewing magazines to be a bit lacking. These two have really been a breath of fresh air for me. Though I know they won’t be up everyone’s street, I’ve certainly enjoyed them.

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